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    Luxury Handmade Soap and Scented Candles from the Luangwa Valley

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  • WHAT WE MAKE at a glance

    Bringing the Spirit of Africa into your Home

    Neroli & Lime Bar Soap

    enriched with regenerative

    avocado oil and scented with

    Neroli and Lime for a zesty bar that boosts your skin’s elasticity

    Rose & Black Pepper Bar Soap

    enriched with nourishing baobab oil and scented with rose and a cheeky kick of black pepper for a grounding bar that helps keep your skin radiant

    Jasmine & Basil Bar Soap

    enriched with regenerative avocado oil and scented with jasmine and basil for a healing bar that is great for toning all skin types

    Rosewood & Bay Bar Soap

    enriched with nourishing baobab oil and scented with spicy Rosewood and earthy Bay for a bold bar that’s great for sensitive skin

    Lemongrass & Macadamia Candles

    scented with a distinctive balance of Lemongrass and Macadamia stimulating your senses and uplifting your groove

    White Thyme & Jasmine Candles

    scented with an unique fusion

    of aromatic White Thyme and

    Jasmine to soothe your soul

    and relax your mind

    Frangipani & Cassia Candles

    scented with a signature blend

    of Frangipani & Cassia to

    inspire contentment and fill

    your space with serenity

    Citronella Candles

    scented with what is traditionally used as a natural insect repellent, giving your home a hint of citrus whilst protecting you at the same time

  • The Secret Ingredient

    A little bit about what goes into our recipes

    Enjoy up to 35 hours of deliciousness...

    Azimai Candles


    Your Azimai candle has been made with a combination of bees and soy wax, which not only makes it a better burning candle, it makes it better for you. Beeswax releases negative ions when it burns; this means it gets rid of the bad stuff in the air such as pollen, dust and dirt. Ultimately your candle can help to reduce hay fever, asthma, and allergies, whilst harmonising your surrounding space.


    Each of our naturally felled, raw wooden lids have been created by Elephant Wood, Zambia – giving you an extra little piece of Zambia to take home with you.

    For radiant soft skin...

    Azimai Soap


    We know what a treat it is to indulge in a really good bar soap, when you wash your hands that little bit longer because the lather is so rich and creamy. So we came up with the perfect recipe combining Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil and Beeswax. Then we enriched our soap by adding either baobab oil for its vitamin packed and rejuvenating properties, or avocado oil for its regenerative and moisturising qualities.

    Just so you know...

    All of our uniquely fragranced candles and soap are handmade in the South Luangwa Valley in Zambia. Our ingredients are all indigenous to Africa, our home.

  • Our Story

    Why Azimai?

    Our name ‘Azimai’ means a respectful term for ‘women’ in our local Chinyanja language. Here in the Luangwa we have a wonderful community, filled with inspirational women. This stirred in us a desire to work towards training these remarkable ladies to create luxury soap and candles in the middle of the Zambian bush.


    All Azimai products are made with ethically-sourced, natural and indigenous ingredients, because that’s how we believe it should be.

    African Origins

    We want to share all that Africa has to offer; for your health, your well-being and your happiness. Each of our soap and candles has been individually created using African botanicals and essential oils. We pride ourselves on our unique combinations from the pods of the ancient Baobab and the nourishing avocado fruit; to the seductive scent of frangipani and jasmine flowers; to the spicy bark of the cassia tree, and the aromatic wild white thyme.

  • Azimai Promise

    What we think matters most...

    The natural ingredients we use are harmless to the


    No palm oil. No parabens.

    No paraffin wax.

    No animal testing.

    We've replaced machines with human hands to create each product with care

    We do everything we can to avoid the use of any

    plastic at all

    ...everything has been handmade with love from us in South Luangwa, Zambia

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